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Great Tool But Lost All Of My Work!

I had about a week’s worth of writing on my iPad. I purchased the MacOS version and proceeded to try and Sync my work to it. It completely disappeared! It isn’t anywher on my iPad, in the local Dropbox, in my regular Dropbox, nowhere!It was as if it had sync’d the empty MacOS version to the 50+ page iPad version and decided the latter was worthless. Imagine how you’d feel if there waa a year’s worth of wriing, which is what this is going to take. I like the tool, despite the lack of tables, real formatting, including images etc., but I will be copying everything to Pages and Google Docs from now on. I’d stop using it altogether if I hadn’t blown $45 on it!

Compile was a disaster

I love the way Scrivener helps to organize a large manuscript. This has been so helpful through many drafts. However, the Compile feature left me bereft. Only half of the project compiled. The helpful people couldn’t help. My analysis is that I changed/upgraded versions midstream. The result was two different embedded fonts (no problem if that is all that happened.) But I had to move the second half, over 200 pages, by hand, scene by scene. I was not happy, but I enjoy a meditation. Will I use it for my next book? I’m not sure.

A return to Scrivener 3

The problem found!!! never and never and never save the backup copy of scrivener 2 in the same folder that the upgraded version of the file has been saved!!!


By far the most comprehensive tool for writers. I can house all of my notes, outlines, research, character profiles in one place and somehow still keep everything neat and organized in a way that makes sense. And, unlike using separate documents within standard file systems, I don’t have to exit one file to go find another folder - it’s all there in plain sight allowing me to easily navigate back and forth. As a non-linear thinker, I love using the corkboard view to start putting the story together and be able to color code and drag scenes around until things fit just right. Great job, L&L!

Excellent writing tool

I love the workflow of this application. It does not distract from work and I always end up with a well-organized write up effortlessly, and no matter how disorganized my approach. I also really like easily separating research-related material from the actual draft.

Long time user, recently upgraded

The old Scrivener was INVALUABLE* as I was writing my dissertation. Massive piece of work that was. The new Scrivener is INVALUABLE** as I write numerous long reports (usually 30 pages +). * Sorry about the cyber-shouting **Sorry again for the cyber-shouting Honestly I don’t know how things changed from the older version but, hey, I still love it. I just use the very basic features and even those basics offer an invaluable tool to constructing a long research reports. I have a chaotic mind that loves to multi-task and brainstorm. I love Scrivener because I can create a structure so that I may begin to insert pieces of “inspiration” into that structure. Say I create a shell with all the chapters (or just use the templates). I have ideas about wanting to discuss this or that in my report. I can just randomly insert these ideas into the structure, and, move them around later. I also love that I am able to cut chapters into smaller chunks so I may concentrate on just one section of one chapter, for example. My chaotic, busy mind sometimes needs that space to focus on one detail. I can then look at the whole project (side bar, list of documents) and make sure the whole structure of the report is robust. I can track progress, write notes, and do so much more. Can’t live without you, Scrivener1,2,3, whatever version you are!

Great App, syncing to drop box is a pain

Absolutely great app, I loved it to death! Not having a direct Icloud sync to those who want it made me stop using it. I was able to save it to drop box but it was complicated and cumbersome set of steps despite reading online articles and watching videos on it.

Thank you!

Thank you for making a very robust, complex-yet-usable written project management tool. I have zero need for markdown nor do I want something relativey rudimentary like the usual “word processors”. Not to mention I tend to be a packrat when it comes to taking notes and gathering research —Scrivener is perfect for that! As far as I can tell Scrivener is in a class of its own. PS: In additon to my creative writing projects I’ve leveraged Scriverer as a recipe keeper. Screengrabs, PDF and pasted text can all live within one project file for easy reference later.

Fantastic update to the best writing app for Mac (and iOS)

Scrivener 3 is the best writing app for Mac (and iOS) hands down. The new version brings welcome changes to the app, but the changes are thoughtful and well reasoned. As a result they are not flashy or for their own sake. Rather the improve the app, which was already outstanding. Sync works well and the app pairs nicely with the iOS version. The tools available are comprehensive, so while there is a little learning curve, it is not steep and well worth the effort.

Man this is bad

My needs are basic: sync my files and allow me to type. Apparently that is too much to ask because there are constant lags while I type and Dropbox syncing is a mess. I’ve had to clean up the same conflicted documents repeatedly. Man

Great tool for writing

I have been using Scrivener for a couple years now, and love the way I can organize things within the app. I like to use one file for each set of related stories, and it easily lets me both write my novels and look up any notes. Importing my version 2 file into version 3 was easy, and I haven't seen any problems using it on my mac. I love the bookmark features in version 3, but wish there was a setting to always “open in other editor” from the drop down menu. It would make things faster for those of us with poorer eyesight as the window provided is just too small to read most things. Great idea, but I need to either keep resizing the right panel or use the drop down menu instead of just clicking on it. Still a great improvement over version 2. As someone who manages many files within Scrivener, this makes finding the file I want much easier. This feature was my reason for updating as Scrivener 2 was working just fine for me.

Wish I’d read all the negative reviews first...

I can’t believe I paid $40 to lose my existing files and waste valuable writing time on this garbage. My advice: 1) read the reviews and 2) don’t buy this steaming pile of “upgrade” until the developer fixes this basic and KNOWN issue!

Really Frustrating

I’ve used Scrivener for years and NEVER had and issue with anything. In fact, I’d have considered myself an evangelist for the product to all my friends. Because of this, I immediately upgraded to Scrivener 3 and, frankly, am sorry that I did. I’ve had to deal with more “Application Not Responding” messages and “spinning beach balls” than I have with any program in recent memory. I gave up syncing with my iPad a long time ago. For example: Type a word—beachball—type a word—beachball…change autosave from 2 seconds to 10 seconds…type 5 words—beachball—type 5 words—beachball... I’ve deleted and reinstalled, spent hours cruising the forums trying to figure out why it takes so long to start up and shut down. After all this, it works okay, sometimes. I know the developers are really cool and responsive. However, should it really take all this time for an [expensive] upgrade to work?

Hard to Use! Charged Me Twice!

I purchased and installed Scrivener 2 for Mac on October 15, 2017. Now I see that you are advertising Scrivener 3 on the App Store. Since I have not been prompted to update my app, I searched your web site and discovered that you consider it to be such a significant upgrade that you are requiring people to pay $25 to get the updated version. It has not yet been 2 months since I purchased Scrivener 2! Here’s the deal: 
I have not even used your product yet. When I purchased and installed it, I immediately opened it to begin importing the dozens of book fragments I have written in my Notes app over the last couple of years. I didn’t even get started. When I saw it pop up with the tutorial, I remembered how I had purchased Scrivener for Windows a few years ago, went through the tutorial, and never began using the software for the book project I was helping my author friend with. Your software is extremely difficult to use. It does not use any of the many usability conventions known to modern software designers. There was such a steep learning curve in the laborious and lengthy tutorial, and everything is so unintuitive to use, that I gave up and never used what I had purchased a few years ago. Now I was motivated to do my own books and to do them properly. I wasn’t going to do them in Microsoft Word, when everyone knows that Scrivener is what serious writers use. My friend - who is a serious writer, and the one I was helping when I bought the Windows version of your software that I purchased but did not use - strongly believed that Scrivener helps in the book-writing process (though he had to quit using Scrivener once he began frequent interaction with his editors and publishers. He has now gone back to Microsoft Word and Google Docs and has asked me to let him know when you add cloud file-sharing functionality. I’m on Mac now, so I reluctantly paid again for a product I had yet to get a cent of benefit from. I will definitely make the effort and learn your software again, but I want the latest version, of course - maybe you’ve fixed some of the usability issues and I will be able to save time, suffer less, and maybe even complete a project with it. I will not invest another $25 in something I purchased less than 2 months ago and never used. Next I got a receipt from Apple and they have charged me $45 for Scrivener 3. I submitted a complaint/help request on the Scrivener web site. They wrote back saying there was nothing they could do - that it is between me and Apple. I would request a refund from Apple, but I can’t figure out how to do that. Scrivener is such a lousy, unprofessional company. Will you please make this right, Scrivener?

Still no icloud syncing!

I just hate the idea that I have to use dropbox to sync my files across mac and iOS. I was hoping it will be solved in this version, but still it’s not. I am dissapointed and sorry to buy this new version.

I am upgrading my initial very bad review

I am still not happy that I seem to be running into so many glitches as I upgrade (at full price) from Scrivener 2 to 3. However, I was at least able to log into Scrivener Support, which was my main frustration. I will be spending more hours than I want to on their site trying to figure out what has gone wrong, but at least I feel that I have help. I do not want my review to discourage anyone from buying Scrivener. It is a marvelous tool and Scrivener 3 is much better in many ways than Scrivener 2. If you need/want simplicity, you probably need to look elsewhere. If you want incredible adaptabilty and one-place-for-everything convenience, then this is your app.

Program still GREAT, but issues with DB sync prevail.

I have used Scrivener for several years now. All my work is in Scrivener and I will continue to use in the future. For having to pay, basically having to buy the program again, there didn’t seem to be any feature improvements warranting the fee, I just assumed the work was in the background and I would benefit in other ways once I started using the program. Much to my disappointment, I have yet to see any of the “new”, “improved” benefits. On the contrary, I now have a very frustrating and quirky sync problem with DropBox, where the program is unable to display a file downloaded from DB until you click on the desktop (to go back to Finder) and then click back on the Scrivener icon. To be clear, all other functionality seems to work as normal, and none of my data was corrupted or damaged. It’s just frustrating to have to go through that back and forth exercise on my Mac. I have reached out to L&L support, they acknowledge the issue stating “a few of our users are expereincing…” but I suspect more than just a few. This same issue is all over their message board as well. BUT, THAT BEING SAID, Scrivener is still a great program and I will continue to use it. Once they get this quirk fixed, all will be well.

The Best!

This is one of the best tools for writing I’ve ever used. So worth every last penny. I use dropbox and a local NAS (network area storage) for backups, and they both work perfectly. Well done folks. Well done, indeed.

Great tool for better action plans of both business and life

The Scrivener 3 works well for me to brainstorm the ideas and organize them then transform to the action plan both business and life. The most favorite new function in Scrivener 3 is the Corkboard which allows to place the card randomly (Called “Freeform Corkboard”). The card can be swithed both Freeform and Linear (card position is fixed in line, which is the mode in Scriberner 2) easily from the icon in right-bottom. In spite I have Scrivener 2, I decided paying full price of Scriverner 3 to enjoy this new and useful function. There are many other new features, but this is the compelling reason for me to buy Scriverner 3.

Great, like Scrivner 2 was, but has some issues converting Scrivner 2 files...

This app, like its predecessor, is truly the best of its kind. A Great app for those that want their notes, research, rough drafts, final drafts…in the same project all right there in front of them. The only complaint I have is that when importing Scrivner 2 projects it was a disaster. It was a disaster on my Mac, my iPad, my iPhone, and Dropbox. Once i finally sorted it all out I had lost two projects and precious time. For a group that can build this amazing app, surely you can make the whole syncing process and the import and conversion of Scrivner 2 projects a smoother process. It would also be great to sync with iCloud.

The answer to every writer’s prayers

L&L have created premium, beautiful and versatile apps for both MacOS and iOS, and I have nothing but praise for each and every single one of their creations so far. Scrivener should be the gold-standard of writing apps. Clean, clear and incredibly flexible, this is the app I opened and have never closed once in almost a year. Everything — from blogs, journals, notes, novels, short stories, school notes — is done here in this straight-from-heaven piece of software that should come BUILT-IN with every device. Thank you for this. It is perfect.

A Powerful Writing Tool

The Chinese localization still needs some work. But overral a wonderful tool.

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